September General Meeting Minutes (Coal Train Forum)

River Road Community Organization
September 9, 2012; General Membership Meeting Minutes
River Road Annex

Continue reading for a summary of the meeting's discussion about coal trains and their potential impacts on the River Road neighborhood.

Monday's RRCO Meeting: Coal Train Discussion

Coal Trains: How could they impact our neighborhood?

RRCO General Membership Meeting, Monday, September 10, 2012; 7:00 p.m.

Informational panel, discussion and potential neighborhood vote

Our guests will offer current information about trains coming through rail yard.

The school garden at River Road/El Camino del Rio Elementary needs your help!

Hello River Road friends & neighbors,

I've been part of a team of School Garden Project volunteers caretaking the fantastic school garden at River Road/El Camino del Rio Elementary this summer. Now that school is starting up again soon, we'd really like to get it ready for kids to plant in so that they can have good learning experiences in the garden this year.

River Road Parks and Recreation In Annexation Limbo

Annexation, the gradual but inevitable process of adding property within Eugene’s Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) to the city, is by far the hottest topic on River Road. It frames just about every issue affecting the neighborhood, from how outmoded storm drains are dealt with to who takes the call when an emergency happens.
The June 11th River Road Community Organization general meeting examined one potential casualty of the annexation process, the River Road Parks and Recreation District.

Greening the Neighborhood - Events and Occasions in River Road

Greening the Neighborhood - Events and Occasions in River Road

From Jan

Dear Neighbors and Friends

Looks like the long awaited change in the seasons - sunny and warmer. Finally!

Warmer weather and summer time means outdoor events.

Many of us are busy with projects and initiatives for a safer, more secure and greener River Road. That is what these events and occasions are all about!

Below are the dates and basics, the link goes to a website with more info.

here is the link >>>

Drywell Decommissioning

Drywell decommissioning

A pilot project is getting underway off of Howard Ave around Escalante and westward.

The City of Eugene is planning to construct drainage improvements in your area. The project will eliminate the drywells in the streets in your neighborhood and connect the existing drainage system to the primary drainage network in the area. The work will improve the drainage system, help prevent future flooding, and protect groundwater quality.

This work is City funded and there will be no direct charges to you for the work.

RRCO Bike/Ped meeting March 13, 2012

River Road Community Organization Bike/Ped meeting
When: March 13, 2012, Tuesday, 7pm
Where: River Road Emerald Park Rm. E (1400 Lake Drive)

City Transportation and Parks Planning staff will be discussing and taking feedback on two projects that are planned for this summer:

Bike/Ped path in Rasor Park:
The Rasor Park Master Plan contains a conceptual design for an 8 ft path from the west end of the park to connect to the Riverfront Path.

Neighborhood Watch Info

Here are some links to the County Neighborhood Watch information.

You can click on a link on this page to get a NW brochure.

How to get started.

City of Eugene NW Document

Eugene Pedestrian and Bike Master Plan

Check out link to Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan Website

Draft October 14, 2011

Eugene's Transportations System Plan

Check out Eugene's Transportation System Plan

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