River Road General Membership Meeting - Board Elections - 4J News - March 11, 2013

RRCO General Membership Meeting - Board elections & 4J News
When: March 11, 2013; 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Where: River Road Annex, 1055 River Road

River Road Board elections will occur. Come, run for a position, and vote. Your participation will help shape the future of our neighborhood.

Abundant Ideas for River Road Neighborhood

Abundant Ideas for River Road Neighborhood document

You may have made New Year’s resolutions or may feel they have no value but River Road Community Organization needs help determining where to put our focus this year to make the ‘hood an even better place to live. We received many ideas from the futuring exercise at last month’s Holiday Potluck but many of you weren’t able to attend. So please send me (mailto:mjbelcher@efn.org) your top three goals for the board to pursue in 2013 by 1/9. We will use them to craft our “to-do’ list at our 1/14 board meeting. Thanks!

Beltline Ramp Meter Project to Begin

Construction to begin on the Beltline ramp meter project. For more information read the following PDF.


Minutes & Answers to Questions from Thursday, Nov 1st

River Road neighbors got together again on Thursday, November 1st to learn about updates on the Evergreen Housing development and learn about how to make their opinions heard.
Below are the minutes to this meeting, and the answers we found to some of the questions that were raised.

Update on Evergreen Housing Site Plan

Below is a letter from Andrew Brand of Evergreen Housing

For your reference here are some Residential Zone Development Standards (Table 9.2750 of the Eugene Code)
Maximal Building Height in R-1 (Low Density Residential Zone): 30 Ft.
Maximal Building Height in R-2 (Medium Density Residential Zone): 35 Ft.
Minimum Building Interior Yard Setback for both Zones (unless solar standards apply): 5 ft.
Maximum Fence Height within Interior Yard Setbacks for Both Zones: 6 ft (42” in front yard)

Santa Clara - River Road Outreach & Learning Project Newsletter

Here is a link to the Santa Clara - River Road Outreach & Learning Project Newsletter


October 22 meeting with Evergreen Housing to discuss proposed housing development

Meeting with Evergreen Housing representative
Monday, October 22, 2012; 7:00 p.m.
Emerald Park, 1400 Lake Dr., Classroom C

At the RRCO General Meeting on October 8th, we discussed the proposed affordable housing development at 1410 River Road. Several questions were brought up, which we have attempted to address with the attachments below.

Updated 10/7/12 - River Road - Proposed Apartment Project

River Road and Santa Clara Stormwater Basin Report

Here are the links to the River Road and Santa Clara Stormwater Basin Report.

The main document

The appendices

RRCO's Letter to Eugene City Counci RE: Coal Trains

Date: September 23, 2012

To: City Manager Jon Ruiz, Mayor Piercy and Members of the Eugene City Council
From: Executive Board of River Road Community Organization (RRCO)
Re: Recent Decisions of RRCO regarding proposed coal train passage through our neighborhood

City Manager Ruiz, Mayor Piercy and Councilors:

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