Neighbors in Action

Neighbors in Action


From Jan:

Saturday, June 18, 10 to 2, Open Space – Annex, 1055 River Road
Share what you know, bring your skills and teach others - bees, food storage, herbs, green kids, conservation skills, solar design, permaculture,,,,,, Identify skills and knowledge in the n'hood. Form Common Interest Groups. Discover green neighbors nearby. “Classifieds to connect.”

Saturday, June 25 and Sunday the 26th, 11 AM both days, Green Home Tours. Meet at Rosetta Park
All sites in River Road. Casual, best to ride a bike, cars can follow. Visit gardens, solar design, edible landscaping, front yard gardens, rain water catchment, chickens, fences down, n'hood business, natural building, food forests, reclaim automobile space,,,,,

For more info, see or call 686 6761

finally, other "Safer, More Secure" presentations in Eugene


Check out Jan Spencers River Road Neighborhood Web Site
Check out the Heron Ponds Habitat Team website . The following was clipped from the Heron Ponds web site. Heron Ponds are located on the West Bank Bike Path in Eugene, between Arbor Drive and Merry Lane. It is home to many bird species. We are undertaking this project to make it better for the birds. It's all about the birds


Greening the Neighborhood
Interested in Suburban Permaculture? Check out Jan Spencer's web site.


Check out Becky Riley's great "Help Plan for River Road's Future" website.